Videos on the 9...

We not only strive to provide you a relaxing friendly environment and the newest technology both online and in the spa, but we also enjoy making you smile with random videos and commercials. We have our teaser and tour video as well as some COVID and Lockdown commercials with more being added all the time. Follow us on Twitter or subscribe on YouTube to stay updated.

Jade FAQs Video
Jade with FAQs video
Jade with #FAQs..

One of our attendants Jade goes over some of our FAQs with a little humour.

Book Now Video
Play Book Now video
#Book Now..

Walk-ins are welcome, but book your appointment online to make sure you get to see your attendant.

You Time Video
Play you time video
Time for some #YouTime..

Everyone needs some down time, and what better way to relax then a massage in an upscale spa?

Come be free Video
Play Come be free video
Come Be #Free..

Time to drop restrictions, masks, and robes. Special thanks to Nena for being in video.

Come out and Play Video
Play Come be free video
Come out and #Play..

We even have an arcade machine you can play while waiting for your massage.

Come get touched Video
Play Come be free video
Come Get #Touched..

Everyone deserves to treat themselves and see what it's like on the 9.

Onthe9 Spa Tour Video
Spa Tour video

See our spa tour video and get an idea of what its like in our massage parlour.

Spa Teaser Video Video
Spa Teaser Video video
Spa Teaser Video..

Advertise coming videos and show off our logo animation.

COVID Commercials

During the pandemic we wanted to make sure you and your loved ones stay safe so we figured we throw a little humour in the mix to give people something to laugh at during those dark times. These were a 3 part series of commercials following the new restrictions to lockdown and the eventual re-opening of businesses.

COVID Smell Test
COVID Smell Test video
COVID Smell Test..

Giving you a smell test prior to entering the spa. (Part 1 of 3)

COVID Lockdown
COVID Lockdown video
COVID Lockdown..

Toronto lockdown and the security guard after his last day before lockdown began. (Part 2 of 3)

COVID Re-Opening
COVID Re-Opening video
COVID Re-Opening..

Released prior to actual opening, showing security guard ready for work. (Part 3 of 3)

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